Palestinian Authority To create Peace again

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohamed Shtayyeh, has criticized that the United Nations Security Council has not issued a statement condemning Israel for the escalation of violence, a statement that would have been again blocked by the United States this Wednesday, pick up Haaretz.

Precisely, the United States has reiterated on Wednesday its support for the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu , as well as its right to defend itself during a telephone conversation with the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken.

According to a statement from the State Department, Blinken has expressed its “concern about the barrage of rocket attacks against Israel” and wanted to share “its condolences for the lives lost.” In this call, Blinken has called on all parties to reduce tensions and end violence.

On the other hand, in a meeting between the UN Secretary, António Guterres, and the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, in Moscow, both have shown their support for a meeting of the Quartet for the Middle East, made up of the United Nations, the European Union (EU), United States and Russia. “We have come to the conclusion that the most urgent task is to convene the Quartet of international mediators,” Lavrov said, according to the Sputnik agency.

On the other hand, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Samé Shukri, has indicated in a telephone conversation with his Israeli counterpart, Gabi Ashkenazi, the need to stop attacks against the Palestinian territories and has highlighted.

The importance of work to save the peoples from the region of further escalation and the use of military force, “according to a statement from the Ministry, which indicates that Egypt seeks to stabilize the situation in the region through the solution of problems through diplomatic means.

The new clashes have erupted after the increase in tensions in Jerusalem , due to the increase in orders for the evictions of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Kharra neighborhood, in East Jerusalem, and that in recent days have left protests against the repression by from the Israeli security forces.

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