Poland Announces A Lottery For Vaccinated People

The Polish government wants to encourage voluntary vaccination against covid-19 with cash prizes of up to 223.00 euros , a raffle for a car and rewards for the districts with the highest vaccination rates.

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The raffles, which will be managed by the state betting company Totalizator Sportowy, will distribute some 31 million euros in cash, hybrid cars and electric scooters.

From the month of July, one in every 2,000 vaccinated people will be randomly awarded about 112 euros , each week two prizes of 11,200 euros will be distributed, twice a month 11,200 euros will be awarded and a hybrid car will be raffled.

The campaign includes among the participants both people already vaccinated and those who are vaccinated from now on and will culminate with the raffle of two prizes of about 223,000 euros.

In addition, the first 500 districts that manage to vaccinate 75% of their population will receive 22,300 euros and 223,000 euros will be awarded to the cities with the highest rate of vaccinated in each region and double this amount for the city with the highest proportion of vaccinated of all the country.

Only half of the adult population has signed up
Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the PiS (government party), told the weekly “Sieci” that “we must act by encouraging and persuading ” the population to get the majority of people to decide to get vaccinated voluntarily.

Some experts, such as Dr. Andrzej Horban, personal adviser to the Prime Minister for the coronavirus crisis , have spoken out in favor of mandatory vaccination in Poland , where so far only half of the adult population has registered and just over a a third have received at least one dose of the antidote.

For his part, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski told radio station RMF24 that the good progress of the national vaccination plan could be interrupted soon and reach a “turning point” in June.

In that month will be when “vaccines will be waiting for people and not people for vaccines”, since , while those who want to be vaccinated have already done so or have registered for it, there is a significant part of the population she will resist being vaccinated.

Rejection of vaccines
A poll at the end of last year commissioned by the daily “Rzeczpospolita” and carried out by the Warsaw Institute for Social Research (IBRIS) found that 44% of Poles refuse to be vaccinated.

The anti – vaccine movement in Poland gained strength in recent years and , for example Unicef warned in March that the level of child vaccination against measles in Poland has fallen so low that the country has lost herd immunity against the disease, established in 95% of vaccinated.

In 2019, the number of people who did not receive mandatory vaccinations in Poland was 48,609, up from 3,437 in 2010.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, some 2.9 million cases of coronavirus have been detected in Poland , 1,267 of them in the last 24 hours, and 73,305 deaths have been registered from this disease, 209 of them yesterday.

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