WHO Now Says It Was Premature To Rule Out The Laboratory Project1199

WHO Now Says It Was Premature To Rule Out The Laboratory Project1199. The WHO now says it was premature to rule out the laboratory as the origin of the covid. The director of the organization affirms that “accidents happen” in these centers and asks China for more transparency.

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO) , Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has asked China for more transparency when it comes to reporting the first cases of covid-19, and has warned that knowing the origins of the coronavirus “is an outstanding debt with millions of people who have suffered it “.

“We ask China to be transparent and open, to cooperate especially by providing raw data on the early days of the pandemic,” he said in a press appearance with German Health Minister Jens Spahn, who joined in this call from attention to Chinese authorities.

Tedros assured that after the first phase of investigations, which culminated in a visit by international experts to Wuhan (the central Chinese city where the first cases were diagnosed), a second is being designed.

“We need to continue the investigation to find out what really happened , because if we end up knowing it, it can help us avoid similar future crises,” said the Ethiopian expert.

Tedros admitted that “there has been a lot of pressure” to rule out the hypothesis that the pandemic arose in a laboratory accident (a theory that has been especially highlighted by the US media and authorities), but argued that “more complete information is needed to exclude it. “.

Errors in laboratories
The general director also admitted that “laboratory accidents can occur” and assured that he himself, working in such facilities in the past as an expert in immunology, had some error.

“Reviewing what happened in the laboratories is important, and we need direct information on the situation of these facilities before the pandemic and at the beginning of it,” he concluded. WHO Now Says It Was Premature To Rule Out The Laboratory Project1199

18 scientists still do not rule out that the coronavirus came out of a Chinese laboratory
Tedros’ statements represent a striking change of tone after months in which he had declined to comment publicly on the theory of the laboratory or the attitude of the Chinese authorities in the investigations, which began with months of delay and enough obstacles for the experts of the WHO and other agencies.

Wild animals
After the visit of these experts to Wuhan at the beginning of the year, a report was issued in which it was argued that the most likely hypothesis of the origin of the coronavirus was that it had been transmitted to humans from wild animals via one or more species that acted as intermediaries.

The research also indicated that the least likely hypothesis was that of origin in a laboratory, and it did not consider contagion through imported frozen foods too plausible, a theory frequently defended by official Chinese media.

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