Map Of Autumn Colors, The Best Route To Visit Switzerland

The Foliage Map, from the Swiss Tourist Office, allows you to see Switzerland through the evolution of its autumnal ocher

In a country where a third of its territory is covered with forest, autumn is quite a spectacle. There is a map showing where and when the country’s forests are in their best colors.

Switzerland is associated with the green of its meadows and the white of its peaks, but no season offers such an impressive spectacle as autumn, when the leaves are dressed in yellow, orange, reddish tones.

The map of autumn colors in Switzerland, Foliage Map, released by the Swiss Tourism Office, allows you to see in which places and at what time you can enjoy the color of the forests in all its apogee. It is an interactive map, which shows the degree of color of the leaves of your trees ?? mainly maples, birches, beech and larches ?? across the country, both current and forecast as fall progresses, from early September to mid-November.

It is updated every two weeks, based on a sophisticated analysis carried out of the databases that record, analyze and interpret the dryness, temperature and amount of precipitation, in addition to the data from the previous autumn, with the expert knowledge of the team of SRF Meteo.

The Sils, in Engadin, in the canton of Graubünder.
You just have to follow the map that marks nature in any corner of the country. It is the perfect time to practice wine tourism and visit the highest vineyard in Europe, in Visperterminen, the Heida wine village, at 1,378 meters above sea level, housed in the Haus Heinz Julen Loft, the most spectacular property in Zermatt. Or tour the country on one of its scenic trains, one of the greatest attractions in Switzerland.

If you have to choose one, the Glacier Express provides the most authentic alpine experience. It runs from St. Moritz to Zermatt (Mount Matterhorn), on a journey with the world’s slowest express, which in about eight hours covers the Alps, crossing 91 tunnels and crossing 291 bridges. Your Excellence Class, the most coveted train seats in Switzerland, It is the ultimate expression of luxury on scenic rail tours. Guaranteed window seats, an exclusive bar, inflight entertainment, butler service and personalized assistance, champagne and premium dining for a price of around 600 euros.

The “autumn train”
But there are two areas away from the more classic routes that deserve a getaway at this time: Centovalli and Val Bregaglia, both in the southern part of the country. Centovalli is the perfect place to rush the good autumn weather that lasts with mild temperatures well into November, and is known as the “indian summer”.

It is in the Ticino valley, and the best way to get to know it is to take the Centovalli Express, better known as the Foliage train (the “train of foliage”). It is the route to enjoy the autumn colors par excellence. It begins in Lorcano and winds its way to Camedo, on the border, before continuing on its way to Italy, and on its way through chestnut forests, waterfalls, the most charming villages and the most picturesque corners of the area.

The Rafz area, in the canton of Zurich.
A stop in Rasa is a must, a small traffic-free mountain town that can only be climbed by cable car, and one of Ticino’s secret jewels. And eat in a grotto, a traditional tavern that serves local cuisine. From the village, about a ten minute walk away, a swing offers the best views over the forests that cover the rugged mountains. It is one of the swings of the Swing the World project, an initiative of two young people from Ticino who have installed swings in the places with the most impressive views of the canton.

The most beautiful town
Val Bregaglia is a hidden gem in the canton of Graubünder, a valley of spectacular landscapes and unique local gastronomy with chestnut as an omnipresent ingredient. They are eaten dry, smoked, roasted, in all kinds of dishes, in cheese, on bread, with honey, and with their flour, pasta is made. Among the essential towns, Castasegna, where the largest chestnut forests in Europe are found, and Soglio, an ideal destination for hikers and a refuge for artists, such as Giacometti. The village of just 150 inhabitants has been voted the most beautiful town in Switzerland.

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