Verónica Forqué Loses The Roles Again And Bustamante Brings Out His Brightest Side

The TVE program expels Julián Ianzi after a disastrous final test

Masterchef Celebrity already has a new expelled. Julian Ianzi ended up outside the kitchens of the culinary show of La 1 after a disastrous final test in which he failed to present a decent set.

The challenge was high confectionery and consisted of making a trompe l’oeil from a cigar that, in reality, was a chocolate dessert. Almost all the contestants presented a quite successful version -Victoria Abril was the best- but the Basque presenter was unable and could only show the judges the state of the elaborations that he had half prepared. As it was, there was nothing to do.

Apart from the final test, the most interesting thing took place outdoors, where the tension exploded again putting more than one of them to the limit. Verónica Forqué returned to show her worst face, lost her nerves and had to be calmed down by her teammates and Pepe Rodríguez. He discussed with Arkano, Iván Sánchez, Victoria Abril …

The anger of Bustamante and Navarrete
Bustamante also had a bad time. The singer received a reprimand from Jordi Cruz and was upset. From there, he had a worse fit when dealing with the members of his team and starred in a hitch with Eduardo Navarrete when he began to scream and Bustamante complained. “To have gone to what a happy time .” “I am amused by everything up to a point,” protested Bustamante. “Someone who is yelling at me all the time here, I am not amused,” insisted the very pissed-off singer. “Do not disrespect me or hesitate! Do not disrespect me, do not hesitate …”, he repeated.

Such was the tension that Navarrete apologized to him. “That’s it! You know how I am …” said Bustamante. “Today I have thinner skin, I never argue with anyone, it’s not my style. But when they answer me wrong, no, because I have a lot of temperament and today it turned out.”

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