Aragones Slammed The Door on The PSC and Only Opened To Negotiate Budgets With The ‘Commons’

Open hand to the ‘commune’ and the door slammed to the PSC. The plan b of Pere Aragonès after the veto of the CUP budgets began this Wednesday in Parliament. Thus, in the control session to the Government, the president of the Generalist has offered En Comú Podem to sit down to negotiate the accounts for 2022.

Asked by the leader of the ‘commune’, Jessica Albiach , the Republican leader has once again retraced to the investiture, in which the purple ones did not support his candidacy, but he has made it clear that “all this is past” to, immediately afterwards, invite En Comú Podem “to sit down and discuss the budgets without exclusions, as you have said what would they do. ”

The response was very different, a few minutes later, to the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa , who reiterated the request for a meeting made early in the morning . Aragonès has blurted out, forcefully, to the socialist.

“You and I do not share a country model. We can meet whenever you want, but you can already anticipate the result you will get.”

The opening of the range of options towards the ‘commons’ does not mean, for Aragonès, the end of the talks with the CUP. “I will work until the last second so that the majority of the investiture , that of the pro-independence parties” approve the accounts, he said in response, this time, to a surprised Albert Batet , from Junts.

Batet had asked him about that hand extended to the ‘commons’ after blaming the ‘president’ for the fact that there is still no agreement with the CUP.

Government sources have confirmed to EL PERIÓDICO that this Tuesday Aragonès proposed to JxCat to open the negotiation to the ‘commons’, something with which the Junts does not agree – in any case, they warn, it should not have occurred so soon.

Because he prefers to exhaust the negotiation with the CUP and only propose a plan B if the anti-capitalists formalize the amendment to the whole.

ERC spokeswoman Marta Vilalta hit the nail on the head in prioritizing the agreement with the CUP, although she stressed the importance and need to have the accounts approved. “The pact with the CUP is the best way to avoid ‘sociovergent’ temptations,” said Vilalta.

The words of Aragonès, referring to a dialogue without exclusions, were intended to put arnica to the foreseeable clash between the ‘commune’ and their partner of Government, Junts . In fact, in formulating her question, Albiach herself, to describe how “unambitious” the budgets for 2022 are, called them “continuants with ‘sociovergence'”.

Albiach also called to forget the blocks born with the ‘process’. For Albiach, “there is only one front”, that of the people and their needs. “So far we have expansive budgets, but not inclusive,” sentenced the post-socialist.

The CUP, for its part, took its turn to ask about the Glasgow climate summit. However, and almost simultaneously, the deputy Eulàlia Reguant pointed out on TV-3 the incompatibility of her training with the PSC, thus launching a warning to republican sailors.

The conclusions of the parliamentary morning are mixed. The first is that, as requested by Junts, Aragonès has taken the reins of the budget negotiation. And not precisely in the form and substance that post convergent would like.

The bet above all, the CUP, the opening of the game towards the ‘commons’ and the slam of the PSC fit only in the playing field of ERC and the ‘president’ .

The ‘commune’ have already approved the 2020 accounts, which Aragonès negotiated, as vice president. His self-determination will, although cooled in the short term, fits, also at the time that the process passes, which is none other than the search for an agreed referendum.

And, before the electoral campaign, Aragonès himself advocated a quatripartite Government, with Junts, CUP and ‘commune’.

The fact of not opening the game also to the PSC and, above all, the forcefulness used to discard them , together with the fact that the commitment to the ‘commons’ was communicated but not agreed with Junts, highlight the will of leadership that the’ president ‘.

The second conclusion is the fissure that is growing in the Government on account of precisely that will to leadership. Aragonès risks, because if the play does not go well and does not end up finding enough support.

The post-convergence will have more than one reason to be accountable to him. At the moment, all the insinuations of JxCat are falling on deaf ears. His willingness to look more to the PSC than to the ‘commons’, ignored . His notice that there are no more assignments to the CUP, ignored.

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