The Winners in 2020 Could Not Celebrate Gala and Those of This 2021 Meet With The Media Before Going to The Theater Coliseum

The Palauet Albéniz has witnessed this afternoon of an exceptional event to date: the meeting of the winners of the Ondas of this edition with those of the 2020. The one of that year that has generated all the exceptions.

‘Intergenerational’ meeting have spoken with the media in Montjuïc, hours before tonight’s gala at the Coliseum Theater, Roberto Leal, Iñaki Gabilondo, Jordi, Évole, Bob Pop, Carles Porta, Pablo López and Aitana, all of them winners of this year, but also Jedet and Daniela Santiago , actresses of the series ‘Veneno’, and Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nájera and Jordi Cruz, jury of ‘Masterchef’, which last year had run out of gala.

Gabilondo, who has received the special Ondas, said that this is his “farewell award”, because in 2022 he will turn 80 and it is time to retire. “I’m already fed up with myself,” he joked, as he offered a piece of information that said a lot about his long career.

“Today I realized, very impressed, that my first Waves was received in November 1969!”. The one who has a lot left to retire, and has a lot to offer, is Roberto Leal, the one who was the incombustible presenter of ‘OT, who is now shooting on Antena 3 with’ Pasapalabra ‘.

“The beauty of the awards is the recognition of colleagues. Now you just have to think about enjoying it. Because people say: now we have to continue. But you also have to enjoy it, “he commented.

Another fireproof being, despite the fact that his illness has him bedridden in a wheelchair, is Bop Pop , who received the Ondas for “Lost Fagot” with double pride . “This series only makes me happy.

I feel very loved and understood. And happy because voices that have not been heard for many years, are heard ”, he confessed. Jordi Évole, for his part, said that he was going to collect the Pau Donés award. Because he felt it that way: “It is a recognition of Pau himself, because in ‘ That you give me ‘ I only accompanied him,” said the journalist, for whom this is his fifth Ondas.

On the other hand, for Carles Porta, presenter of ‘Crims ‘, on Catalunya Ràdio, this is the first. And highly anticipated: “All my life dreaming of having an Ondas, which is one of the highest awards in communication, and above all it comes to me with a project in which many people are involved, in Catalunya Ràdio and in Catalan”, he valued.

Vicky Luengo was also happy to receive his award for ‘Anti-riot’ in his land. “A surprise and happy to receive it in Barcelona,” he confessed. Álvaro Morte , for his part, seemed as elusive as that Professor from ‘La Casa de Papel’ who Ondas has earned him, since his hair was not seen, but the reason was very different from that of his famous character.

The friendliest singer Pablo Lopez is has taken a Waves to the musical phenomenon of the year , and another, unofficially, one of the funniest singers in the history of the waves, because from the minute 1 mingled with journalists and talking and joking with everybody. “Upon learning of the award, I had a moment of disbelief, which is in my DNA, but I am honored.

And it is an award shared with the people who have made the 80 concerts possible ”, he said. Aitana,who shares that award with him, has been more protected from the press, but when he has approached her, he has shown that those four years of success have not gone to his head: “I do not feel more than anyone else because I am not. ”,

He assured, while acknowledging that he had” freaked out “with the award. And that in a few days has also received an MTV and an Elle award. “But I have to work hard, because things don’t work out by themselves,” he warned.

Among the winners of the 2020 gala were Jedet and Daniela Santiago , who showed their happiness, clouded by the announcement of their co-star of ‘Veneno’, Isabel Torres , that the lung cancer she suffers only gives her two months of life.

“I’m sad about that,” Jedet said with tears streaming down her eyes. He will dedicate the award to her tonight at the gala, but also to the ‘trans’ community to which she belongs. “The Javis have changed my life and ‘Veneno’ has changed many lives, because it gives a necessary message when the extreme right is gaining strength,” he said.

Other ‘displaced’ of 2020 were the members of the ‘Masterchef’ jury, Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nájera and Jordi Cruz, who will finally have a gala. “Coming to the gala is beautiful, important, but the important thing is that they give you the award,” said Rodríguez.

“Receiving it is something very nice,” Cruz insisted, remembering that this is the second the program has been running. “We also appreciate the affection of the people who love us as if we were their family,” added Vallejo-Nájera. The recognition and the reunion. That is what took place today in Barcelona.

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